sant'agata sui due golfiSant’Agata lies in a particular position, overlooking the gulfs of Naples and Salerno and facing the isle of Capri. Its origins date back to very ancient times, and evidence of Roman and Etruscan settlements still can be seen today. The hill ‘Il Deserto’ delimits in fact a large ancient necropolis. A monastery stands on top of the hill and from its highest point a picturesque view opens out below: the two gulfs, after which this borough was named. Sant’Agata sui due Golfi owes its name not only to its geographical position, but also to a small church dedicated to Saint Agata. This church no longer exists, it was replaced by another church dedicated to Holy Mary of Graces, where the statue of Saint Agata is kept. Sant’Agata sui due Golfi is a small borough but with a millenary past, a centuries-old devotion and some natural beauties unspoilt by time.