il deserto - s.agata sui due golfiThe monastery was built by the Carmelite friars on the hill il Deserto after which it is named, and today it belongs to the Benedictine nuns of St Paul. From the roof terrace a breathtaking panorama opens out below: the gulfs of Naples and Salerno. It’s impossible to remain unmoved by the combination of colours and the depth of the horizon, it all seems to satisfy the visitor’s imagination rather than their sight. Near the monastery, exactly in the place called Vadabillo, a necropolis has been found with several tuff sarcophagi. During excavation an ancient amphora was dug up, it portrays a winged siren. Scholars maintain that this find, together with others from nearby sites, might suggest that on this hill there should have been a temple dedicated to sirens that, according to the legend, inhabited these waters.